1954 w96 mercedes benz


MsRp: $29.9M

Specs Mercedes-Benz W 196 

• Entered in racing: 1954/55
• Engine: eight-cylinder in-line four-stroke petrol engine wîth direct injection
• Displacement: 2496 cc
• Output: 256 hp (188 kW), later boosted to up to 290 hp (213 kW)
• Top speed: over 300 km/h

The W 196 R was the first formula racing car built by Daimler-Benz after the war. Following their pre-war success, no one doubted that Daimler-Benz would return to formula racing. The first entry of the new W 196 R in the French Grand Prix at Reims ended with great success: Drivers Juan Manuel Fangio and Karl Kling would score a double victory. The next entry at Silverstone, however, was less successful, probably due to the streamlined body which was unsuitable for that track. This experience resulted in the development of the open wheel ‘monoposto’ body. Subsequently, various versions of the car were manufactured with different wheelbases, engine displacement and braking system configurations.

The W196 was the Racing World Champion of 1954 and again in 1955. It dominated Formula One racing as few cars have or since. It was a complete departure from previous Grand Prix cars and revolutionized racing engine design with a valve system which used positive control of valve operation without valve springs. This system prevented fluttering and thus higher RPM. Another unusual feature was the power takeoff by means of gears in the middle of the crankshaft between fourth and fifth cylinder, which considerably improved the elasticity of the engine.